Planned Maintenance


All institutions need a planned maintenance program.

A sustainable planned maintenance program typically results in:
·         Reduction in the rate of emergency work with lower overtime                and purchase services
·         Reduction in overall utility consumption

SMA partners with your facility management team to design your planned maintenance program. We provide implementation in typically 45-90 days.

SMA provides a turnkey solution for implementing the Planned Maintenance program. We interface directly with you to customize the PM program to your needs and resources. Here’s how:

·         Form and Import the equipment inventory to a web based                       database
·         Design with you to customize the PM program
·         Schedule the PM actions in the database
·         Review and train your people concerning the management of               the PM program
·         Write the report necessary to obtain certification points for                   green initiative programs such as LEED, LEED-EB and CHPS.


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